Indonesia business to business wholesale world company supply indonesia handicrafted abstrast wooden carving
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Artisan box, contemporary home decor, trinket storage, Bali novelty, interior designs, carvings, wood boxes Wooden box designs, carved art, Bali bali decor, unique home ornament, Balinese handicrafts Handcrafted figurines, home furnishings, elephant sculptures, bali ornaments, interior designs, Indonesian products, wooden gifts Elephant decoration, Balinese art designs, wooden carvings, home decor, artisan statue, handmade gifts

Handcrafted wooden trinket box with decorated lid


Beautifully carved wooden box with unique top decor


Elephant wood carving


Wooden bali carving in elephant theme


Batik designed figurines, mermaid designs, handicraft art, artisan sculpture, interior design, Bali ornaments, contemporary home furnishing Penguin designs, wooden art, handcrafted carvings, bali wood figures, home decoration, artisan crafts, Indonesian collectibles Bali bali art, decorative designs, wood carvings, indonesian novelty, interior fashions, crafted products, sculptures Art statue, home decoration, table top sculpture, exotic furnishing, Balinese gifts, handicraft, contemporary carvings

Ocean mermaid designed wooden art


Balinese wooden penguin carving


Bali designed abstract figurine


Batik carving statue in unique figure design


Unique home fashions, wood figurine, lovers gift, dancing statue decor, Bali interior design, artisan ornament, abstract figure Valentines gift, Balinese wood carvings, miniature statue, Batik decorative ornaments, artisan decor, handcrafted collectibles Gecko lovers gifts, Indonesian art designs, interior design, handicraft art, wooden carving, table top figurines, handmade products Kiss decoration, Bali artisan gift, miniature sculpture, wood figurines, Batik home decor, crafted products, sculpted designs

Lovers dance motif bali figurine carvings


Love figure in heart shaped carving


Double gecko designed wooden art decor


Bali crafted figurine in kissing pose


Valentines gift sculpture, Bali home decoration, unique wooden figures, contemporary crafts, wood collectible, handcrafted handicraft Artisan crafts, Batik home fashions, handmade gifts, home accessory, bali art decor, sculpted figurines Handmade wooden ornament, artist inspired figurine, interior design, table top art, bali sculptures, collectible furnishings Antique style decor, wooden collectibles, Balinese artisan gift, abstract designs, carved figures, Batik designs, wood furnishings

Kiss designed wooden bali art statue


Handmade bali artisan wood carving


Heart shaped, lovers crafted sculpture


Crafted batik figure


Handcrafted container, wooden carved handicrafts, Bali art ornaments, home fashions, modern designs, wood decor, exotic jars Cupid wooden sculpture, love gift, carved figures, Indonesian artisan craft, Valentines novelties, art decoration, home fashion Wooden design statue, Balinese craft art, contemporary figurines, abstract designs, artsy collectible, home decor, bali gift sculpted lady art, indonesian art gifts, decorative wooden ornament, interior furnishing, bedroom decorations

Raised, decorative carvings on wooden container


Cupid designed wooden statue


Fun frog motif handcrafted carving


Exotic kneeling lady figure from carved wood


Garden wood statue, dolphin lovers figurine, decorative sculpture, Bali interior decor, wooden collectible, trendy home designs Quality art decor, handicraft collectibles, Indonesian artsy carvings, home accessories, handcrafted figurines, table top decoration Sea life scene art, dolphin designed sculpture, handcrafted decorations, bali artisan gifts, batik paradise product, sculpted figures Beauty art, unique handmade crafts, table top decor, wooden carvings, carved lady figure, balinese designs, interior fashions

Double swimming dolphin designed wood art sculpture


Batik carved, frog figure sitting on rock


Light wood in dolphin figures, handcrafted


Beautifully carved, lady in the moon figure


Exotic art designs, unique religious sculptures, wooden carvings, bali artisan crafts, praying motif gifts, indonesian ornaments religious contemporary art, wood sculpture, weeping buddha figure, indonesian novelty, wood collectibles Crafted weeping buddha decor, wooden carvings, bali handicrafts, home decor, interior designs, balinese ornaments, religious figures Sculpted figure decor, balinese ornament, unique handcraft gifts, artisan collectibles, carved wood, interior design

Beautiful handcrafted praying women carving


Three weeping buddha statue


Handmade weeping buddha carving


Unique wooden sculpture in figure design


Religious art work, wooden carving, handcrafted sculpture, trendy idol novelties, bali interior decor, decorative statues Beautiful weeping buddha, artisan gifts, paradise art, exotic wood designs, handcrafted sculpture, decorative figurines Wooden figure, handcrafted sculpture, unique praying buddha crafts, Bali handicraft, contemporary art Religion designs, wood abstract art, Balinese artisan, crafted handicrafts, unique ornament, fine figurines

Colorful, carved religious figure statue


Weeping buddha motif wooden bali art


Praying goddess designed wooden sculpture


Exotic bali sculpture in kneeling women's motif


Handmade craft, wooden carvings, exotic figurine, unique gifts, Bali art figures, crafted ornament High quality abstract art, Balinese collectibles, wood sculpture, artisan carvings, home decor Home decor, Bali wood art, realistic sculpture, figurine designs, Batik ornaments, interior gifts Handcrafted bali art, home decoration, table top sculpture, wood carving, indonesian crafts, abstract design, handicraft

Cross legged wooden figurine


Kissing Bali artisan wood figures


Intertwined wooden figure


Balinese, handcrafted think man sculpture


Exotic art decor, home sculptures, wood handicrafts, carved ornament, bali craft design, figurine Contemporary sculpture, handmade art, unique ornament, bali artisan giftm wood carvings, home decor, collectibles Balinese figurine sculptures, table top art, handcrafted ornaments, Indonesian artisan designs, home furnishing Dragon art sculpture, unique bali designs, flying dragons, handcraft figures, beautiful statue, indonesian handicraft

Uniquely designed, carved figure


Bali art wood sculpture


Two figure table top art piece


Indonesian carving in crafted flying dragon design


Ladies jewelry box, wooden art, crafted accessory chest, bali carvings, interior design Floral designed crafts, Balinese art, wooden jewelry box, wooden ornaments, home decor, indonesian gifts Womens high style decor, carved jewelry box, unique bali designs, home furnishing, handcrafted gift, wooden art Handmade jewelry box, wooden decor, sculpted accessory chest, bali artisan gifts, handicraft

Butterfly motif, handmade wooden jewelry box


Flower carving on top of beautiful jewelry box


Dolphin lovers wooden craft jewelry box


Bali sculpted, wooden mask decor


Seashell decor, artisan woven gifts, handcrafted jewelry box, unique handicrafts, decorative accessory chest Batik wood art, table top sculpture, indonesian handicraft, exotic carvings, handmade abstract design, wood statue Abstract art figurines, bali collectible, wooden ornaments, handcrafted gifts, indonesian sculpture designs Unique gift, handmade statues, bali artisan figurine, Batik abstract wood carvings, collectible sculpture

Woven jewelry box with seashell decor


Bali sculpture in crafted figure design


Yoga posed wooden abstract art


Thinking pose figure wood carving


Handmade bali art, interior wood designs, handicraft wood statues, trendy indonesian sculpture, handcrafted gifts Wooden abstract art, home decor, carved figurine, unique bali crafts, table top sculpture, decorative statues Exotic gift ware, wooden figurine, indonesian artisan craft, bali ornaments, handcrafted home decor, contemporary art, wood carving, figure design Handmade gift decor, decorative bali art, handicraft, wood kiss sculpture, abstract carvings, sculpted designs

Beautifully carved wooden figure sculpture


Balinese designed, handcrafted figure in cross legged pose


Quality handmade wood statue in relaxed pose


Lovers intertwined in handcrafted carving


Balinese sculpture, wooden carvings, handiraft ornaments, collectible figurine, abstract art, trendy decor Bali bali art decor, decorative wood designs, home furnishing, artisan craft, wood carvings, quality sculpture Fine craft, indonesian decorative statue, home fashion gifts, wooden art, carved collectible, handmade designs Handmade wooden sculpture, bali art decor, abstract figurine, figure design, fine art, wood carvings

Handmade, carved wooden figure


Thinking man designed bali sculpture


Handcrafted wooden carving in cross legged pose


Beautifully carved, handicraft figure


Bali religion art, infinite buddha sculpture, indonesian artisan gifts, collectible ornament, home decor, table top art Infinite buddha figure, bali art decor, wooden sculpture, wood carvings, indonesia gift, handicraft, carved statues Artisan sculptures, unique religious gifts, wooden infinite buddha, asian handicrafts, exotic decor Traveling infinite buddha, balinese statues, wood carvings, unique gifts, wooden figurine, interior design, indonesian handicrafts

Balinese infinite buddha designed carving


Unique, handcrafted infinite Buddha sculpture


Colorful infinite buddha carved bali figure


Standing infinite buddha crafted wood art


Handmade decor, rattan gift ware, bali jewelry box, seashell decoration, accessory gifts Thread art decor, ladies jewelry box, indonesian gifts, seashell fashions, exotic rattan handicrafts Rattan jewelry box, bali accessory chest, crafted decor, seashell gifts, batik artisan crafts Shakyamuni buddha, religious art, indonesian wooden carvings, wood sculptures, exotic fine art

Woven rattan jewelry box with seashell decor


Seashell decorated, rattan jewelry box


Handcrafted jewelry box from woven rattan


Exotic shakyamuni Buddha carving


Bali bali wood decor, crafted statues, shakyamuni buddha, religion ornaments, indonesian products, figure design, home decor Shakyamuni buddha figures, unique gifts, wood art ornaments, handicraft, handmade sculpture, asian artisan Shakyamuni buddha, indonesian fine art, handcrafted sculptures, unique carved gifts, home decor, interior designs handmade carving, bali art products, exotic designs, shakyamuni buddha, religion decor, indonesian statues

Handmade, artisan sculpted, shakyamuni buddha


Cross legged shakyamuni buddha from carved wood


Bali art figure in shakyamuni buddha carving


Shakyamuni buddha face from hand carved wood


Religious sculptures, bali wood carvings, shakyamuni buddha, indonesian collectible, home furnishing, handicrafts Handcrafted games, bali gifts, craved chess set, table game crafts, indonesian artisan, unique home fashions Religious art designs, batik sculptures, blessing buddha statues, fine art figures, trendy gift, exotic ornament Painted religious art, indonesian sculptures, unique gifts, trendy figures, blessing buddha, carvings

Handcrafted bali shakyamuni buddha


Uniquely carved wooden chess set with decorative frame


Sculpted blessing buddha figurine


Quality carved, blessing buddha designed decor


Blessing buddha figure, bali bali wood carvings, fine art products, handicraft, collectible figures, indonesia wooden statues Handcrafted games, balinese jigsaw puzzle, indonesian toys, crafted decor, unique wood carvings New age toys, wood carvings, 3D jigsaw puzzle, handmade puzzles, indonesian ornaments, collectible handicrafts Music lovers clocks, wooden time pieces, balinese artisan, carved clocks, trendy gifts, guitar player furnishings

Beautifully crafted blessing buddha statue


New age wooden 3D jigsaw puzzle


Handmade, wooden carving jigsaw puzzle


Music lovers time clock in guitar sculpture


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